Here you will find recipes to some of our favorite tea cocktails!
Watch this space for new recipes.

Hot Toddy:
~ Gas Pedal
~ Kellie Gold

Cold Cocktails:
~ G & Tea
~ Proceed with Caution


Gas Pedal

This cocktail is perfect for cozy nights by the fire.  The combination of sweet toffee tea, smoky bourbon and caramel will warm you from the inside out!

Gas Pedal
~ 6 oz boiling water
~ 1.5 oz Bourbon
~ 1 tbsp caramel syrup
~ Whipped cream & sprinkles (garnish)

~ Bring water to a boil, the steep the tea in the water for 4 minutes.  Strain tea leaves.
~ Combine tea, bourbon and caramel in your favorite cocktail glass (recommended with a handle)
~ Top with whipped cream and sprinkles


Kellie Gold

Our take on the Classic Hot Toddy with one of our staff's favorite black teas!
~ 2 tsp Himalayan Gold black tea
~ 5 oz boiling water
~ 1.5 oz Bourbon
~ Honey
~ Lemon wheel

~ Measure tea into tea infuser in a small glass of your choice
~ Brew with 5 oz boiling water for 2 minutes
~ Remove infuser, add Bourbon and honey then stir
~ Garnish with lemon wheel floating on top

G & Tea

Let the tea slowly infuse into your favorite Gin & Tonic and taste the difference as it goes!

Ingredients:G & Tea
2 tsp Darjeeling Makaibari
5 oz Tonic Water
1.5 oz gin
Lime Wedge

~ Measure tea into tea ball infuser
~ Put tea ball into bottom of a 12oz glass
~ Add gin and tonic water then stir
~ Top with ice and stir again
~ Garnish with lime wedge

* Sip slowly experience the change in taste as the tea infuses!



Proceed with Caution

This tea cocktail lets you make your own special tea infused vodka! 

Proceed with CautionTea Infused Vodka (enough to make 2 cocktails)
~ 1 tsp Turmeric Ginger herbal blend 
~ 4 oz Vodka 

Measure tea into a sealable container
~ Add vodka
~ Seal and let it infuse overnight (8-12 hours
~ Strain out the tea and you're done!

~ 1.5 oz Turmeric Ginger Vodka
~ 5 oz Ginger Beer
~ 2 lime wedges

~ Add ice to a glass
~ Add vodka and Ginger Beer and stir
~ Squeeze in one wedge of lime
~ Garnish with other wedge of lime

* If you want to make even more Turmeric Ginger Vodka, measure 2 TBSP of Turmeric Ginger with a 750ml bottle of vodka.  Store in the refrigerator.