About us

Why iN-TEA?

At iN-TEA we specialize in bringing you the best teas from the most remote corners of the world. Like choosing a great wine, our menu is developed after tasting hundreds of teas from the most noteworthy estates and regions specializing in the tradition methods of tea production. These whole leaf artisan teas are plucked by hand with the work of many individuals, creating a distinguished leaf type with its wholly unique flavor profile and cup character. Mass produced CTC- cut, torn, curled- can’t compare.

This delicious result is a combination of climate, soil, humidity, altitude, harvest weather conditions, winds, temperature and of course, the expertise of the many steps involved in manufacturing the leaf into a tea that is exquisite and unforgettable!

It is our job to make sure your journey is enjoyable, educational, and fun! Please allow our knowledgeable staff to assist you with recommendations, samples and information.