Self-Care - Tea Break

I have 15 minutes of downtime. 
No calls, no meetings, no webinars, no emails. I can either dive into the next thing on my list or...


A few minutes of self-care inserted into your day can provide hours of satisfaction and readjust your attitude and perspective of many a concern.


5 minutes: Boil cool tap water and enjoy the strange noises that heating water make in a kettle as the water moves from faucet temperature to just the right boil.

Wait for the loveliness of the curling steam.  If the light is just right, you can see the misty particles releasing into the air.  Move around the kitchen to see if you can catch the steam revealing itself.

Measure your dry tea leaves.  Notice the crunchy, rubbing sound of the leaves as you dig into them.  That is an age-old sound, shared worldwide between all tea nations and their tea drinking people.

Pick out your favorite cup or mug.  Try choosing something which typically goes unused. Or, treat yourself to that beautiful cup and saucer that is usually only appreciated on a holiday.  Why the heck not?


3 minutes: Pour the steaming water over the leaves and into the teapot.  Set a timer.  Notice the sound released as the dry tea becomes engulfed in water.  As the leaf unfurls and gently returns to its original shape it is releasing all flavor and nutrients into your drink.  Thank you leaves.  Are they in agony or is it ecstasy?


7 minutes: Add whatever makes your drink special to you.  Milk, cream, sugar, agave, or one of our shop favorites: sweetened condensed milk.  A decadent treat! Wink-wink....Personalize this infusion so it's perfect to you.

Slowly sip your tea, enjoying the aromatics and warmth.  Breathe easy, unwind, curl up for a minute in a comfy chair, look out the window.  Any birds out today? Interesting clouds? 


Allow this time to transport you to a new frame of mind.

All this in a 15 minutes tea break

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