Back to School Teas: A Tea for Students of Every Age!

Getting back into the grind of things is hard -- especially if you're a kid fresh off of fun-filled summer days! Luckily, there's a delicious and nutritious tea for kids of all ages to help them set their best foot forward in the new year.

It's common knowledge that tea is good for you -- it's hydrating, full of unique antioxidants, and calorie-free! (For more information on exactly why tea is so good for you, check out my previous post on Wellness and Tea!)

However, traditional tea contains caffeine, which can be a concern for children -- kids are incredibly sensitive to caffeine, and too much caffeine can both cause insomnia and inhibit calcium absorption. 

Luckily, there are herbal blends that are just as nutritious for younger kiddos!

Excellent Teas for Elementary School

At iN-TEA, two of our herbal tisanes are prevailingly popular with the little ones --  Gummy Bear, and Vanilla Berry Cupcake. It's easy to see why; both of these teas are naturally sweet, reminiscent of dessert, and just plain fun!

Gummy Bear is a tisane made entirely of fruit pieces and herbs, so it's 100% caffeine-free, and very hydrating! There are real gummy bears in the blend, as you can see in the picture above. Kids love to take a look at them before the tea steeps! The gummy bears melt in the hot water, adding a nice sweetness to the tea.

Vanilla Berry Cupcake Rooibos is along the same lines -- with white chocolate pieces and berries in the blend, it brews up for a sweet, caffeine-free beverage! Rooibos is also very high in antioxidants, and has more Vitamin C than a glass of orange juice!  

If you're trying to get your youngster to drink less juice, look no further! Prepare them a hot cup of Vanilla Berry Cupcake before school starts (be sure to toss in a few ice cubes!), or brew up an iced Gummy Bear tea for an after-school treat! 

Satisfying Teas for Middle School Sleepyheads

These herbal tisanes are perfect for elementary-schoolers, but your older children might need a little bit more of a boost. That's why green tea is perfect for middle-schoolers!

Green tea is very low in caffeine -- one cup of green tea has about 20% of the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee! This small dose is perfect for pre-teens, as it provides a burst of energy without encouraging insomnia or jitters.

If your child has trouble waking up in the morning, brew them a cup of green tea with breakfast! Our Peaches 'n' Cream is delightful with a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast!

Better yet, pack them a cup of green tea in their lunch for a midday boost, or fix a cup after school with a snack! Our Strawberry Vanilla is refreshing and slightly sweet -- it's so yummy, your kid will want some every day!

Delightful Teas for High School Drowsiness

Finally, those high-schoolers probably need a little bit more caffeine. When I was in high school, classes began at 7:15 AM, which meant I had to get up at 5:45 AM every day! 

Black tea is perfect for the busy high school student -- tea contains a special antioxidant group called L-theanine, which provides a smooth caffeine burst of energy without any jitters or shakes. That's why black tea is perfect as a pick-me-up before school begins; it'll keep your teen calm, cool, and alert throughout the morning!

Our Raspberry Black tea is comforting and warm in the morning -- try it with a dollop of milk to lighten up the earthy flavor (and get some calcium in your teenager's diet!)

Or, to get them in that back-to-school mood, try one of our Seasonal Blends -- the Maple Sugar! This tea is sweet and cozy, perfect for those crisp fall mornings!

A Comprehensive Kit for College Students' Success

Once your child is a full-grown adult, there's no need to watch their caffeine! Since college is a time of newfound independence, here are 4 teas that will prepare your student for any situation!

The Morning Must-Have: Chocolate White Pu'erh

Living in a dorm often means late nights studying and socializing, so being awake for those early morning classes can be a struggle! Give your child a package of our Chocolate White Pu'erh for the mornings -- this tea is chock-full of caffeine, and the sweet, butterscotch-y flavor doesn't hurt either! This tea will give your college kid that extra boost of energy to excel in their 8 AM classes.

The Hangover Helper: Holy Detox

 For those miserable mornings after a weekend night out, our herbal Holy Detox is the perfect hangover cure. Holy Detox is aptly named -- the holy basil in the tea can help cleanse your system of any toxins or alcohol! Plus, this tea is naturally caffeine-free, which means it's extra-hydrating to help kick that nasty headache! Holy Detox also makes a great before-bed tea; its spearmint and berry flavors are very comforting!

The Study Supporter: Yerba Mate

College students tend to spend long hours in class and even longer hours in the library -- to sharpen their focus, look no further than Mate! Traditional Yerba Mate is a South American drink that increases blood flow to the brain, resulting in higher productivity. Mate is the ultimate study tea! Check out our other flavors of Mate as well; the chocolate-y Cocoa Mate is a favorite!

The Cold Combatant: Matcha

Finally, for a boost of health and energy, Matcha is perfect! Matcha is the entire tea plant ground into a powder, so it's incredibly nutritious -- it's chock full of illness-fighting antioxidants to help keep your kid healthy! Plus, it has a good dose of caffeine in it as well, providing the extra oomph to get through a class while feeling under the weather. 

These four teas are absolutely essential for any college student, and will help your child succeed in their new educational endeavor!

Sleepy Time Tea for Sweet Dreams

Finally, no matter how old your child is, sleep is incredibly important -- it's vital for brain development (and a sunny smile in the morning!). To encourage healthy sleep cycles, try making your child a hot cup of our Calming Chamomile to drink right before bed. It's caffeine-free, and the chamomile, lavender, and spearmint in the blend works together to encourage a relaxed body and a relaxed mind.

Tea is the perfect way to bring some extra nutrition into your child's diet, and to help them set their best foot forward as the new school year begins! 

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