4 Easy Steps to Creating Your Personal Tea Ritual

Whose life couldn't use something simple, something new, something serendipitously healthy, calming, focusing, and, incidentally, affordable?

Adding a tea ritual to your everyday routine is an all-natural way to reduce your blood pressure, boost your immune system and revitalize your brain at any time of day!

4 Simple Steps to Infuse tea into your day

Try to stick to that time every day

Morning: Wake up and feel the boost!
Afternoon: Take control of that mid-day slump.
Evening: Soothe your body and soul.  Set the tone for restful, relaxing sleep.


2. CHOOSE THE TEA you will look forward to enjoying. 
Consider the caffeine level and how your body reacts to it.  Many avid tea drinkers start the day will fully caffeinated black teas like our delicious Vanilla Black or Monks Blend. 
Move to the more gentle caffeine of green tea in the afternoon.  Peaches n Cream is a shop favorite or treat yourself to our beautiful Finest Jasmine Pearls
Finish the day with caffeine free herbal blends guaranteed to help you unwind. We suggest Calming Chamomile or Sleep Tight to ensure a restful night.


Having all your tea ware in one place makes brewing your tea simple, familiar, and enjoyable

I love my electric kettle which boils water in a snap (even at high altitude!)
My small tray is from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom (where my mom was born)
Teapot I bought from a store owned by a dear friend
Infuser from my shop here at iN-TEA
Saucer (for the drippy infuser) from a quaint Chinatown store in San Francisco that I never want to forget
Cup from the Empress Hotel on Victoria Island, B.C. (purchased while visiting my sister in Vancouver)
and a small sugar spoon and milk pitcher that once belonged to my nana

The idea is to love your set up.  You will then look forward to interacting with it.
The simple act of brewing tea will tie you to a special place, a beautiful color, a lovely design that feels good in your hand, or creates a reminder of a special person or time.

With tea, the process of measuring, brewing and waiting, is just as important to enjoy as sipping the final product.


4. INVITE SOMEONE TO SHARE in your teatime.
Once you've established your routine and are comfortably enjoying it, share it with someone special (whether on Zoom or in person).  The simple act of sharing tea creates conversation, observations, knowledge and perhaps a divulged secret.  Children also love being invited to share your teatime! Share a story (or two) about your tea ware choices, your brewing process or the tea you chose to brew.


Take a brief 5 minutes or a well extended hour to allow your focus to become intentional and invite the simple pleasure of tea to gently wash over you.

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