Kettle & Tea Steeper for Stovetop - Virtuoso

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HANDCRAFTED SUPERIOR QUALITY GLASS. Hygienic, non-porous borosilicate glass is the healthier choice for brewing tea and ensuring your tea tastes as pure as possible.

STEEP-RANGE THERMOMETER. The thermometer highlights the optimal steep ranges for white/green, oolong, and black/herbal teas. Non-slip silicone lid and touchpoints remain cool to the touch.

TWO-IN-ONE HEAT AND STEEP. Heat water then steep tea all with one vessel. The loose tea filter conveniently sits in the kettle. Glass withstands boiling water (212°F).

PRECISION BREWING. Easy to read volume markings on the glass for precise brewing (34-ounce capacity).

INTEGRATED TEA FILTER. The stainless-steel, extra-fine, mesh infuser provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for tea leaves to expand and steep.

NON-DRIP SPOUT. Perfectly designed for a controlled, no-spill pour.

ERGONOMIC GLASS HANDLE. A large black glass handle ensures a comfortable, safe grip.