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Strawberry Rose Oolong tea

Strawberry Rose - Premium Tea

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A beautiful marriage of fruit, floral and fennel. The lightly heady scent of roses blend with the sweet essence of strawberry, pineapple and vanilla, harmoniously joining with savory licorice, star anise, rose-hips and juniper berries. Complex yet understated.   

Origin: Blended

Ingredients: Oolong tea, Dried apple, Raisins, Licorice root, Hibiscus, Fennel, Pineapple cubes, Juniper berries, Rose buds, Strawberries, Rosehip, Peach cubes, Star anise, Vanilla bean natural flavor

Quantity: 50 grams / approx. 1.8 ounces / 16 x 8 oz cups