Classes For Kids

At iN-TEA, we are just as passionate to serve and educate our youngest customers about the world of tea as our adult customers! We are excited to offer the following classes, events, and activities for children:

Kids’ Events
Teddy Bear Tea Part
For only $6 per child we can host private story times for groups of 6 or more children. Participate in stories and  music & movement followed by snack time featuring our unique Gummy Bear iced tea and animal crackers!

Manner’s Classes or Girl Scouts: Manners Badge 
Bring your group (or troop) to iN-TEA to learn about etiquette and good manners.  We will cover phone manners, table manners, setting a table, making introductions and how to respect and honor different cultural norms.  Culminate your session with a tea party—practice makes perfect! This is a fun way to learn about tea, etiquette and good manners. ($15 per child)

Girl Scouts: Meetings and Tea Parties
Reserve your next scout get-together, earn a badge, or just have your meeting at iN-TEA! Ask about our special pricing and offers for these gatherings!

Teens & Tea
Teens & Tea—it’s all the rage!
Discover the secrets of tea and herbs used to maximize concentration and memory for studying as a low-calorie option to load antioxidants and boost your immune system! Drinking tea is also a great way to get glowing skin and is a stomach- and heart-healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

In this class, you’ll taste wonderful teas as you learn about all their benefits. What a wonderful way to spend an evening! ($15 per person)

Call iN-TEA at 720-981-2512 to book your event today! (advance deposit required on all special/private events)