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All classes provide a glimpse into the world of tea with 4 – 6 tea samples and discussion. Get six or more of your friends together for a private class, scheduled at your convenience, by calling 720.981.2512 or emailing us. Be sure to include a date and time in your request!

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Tea Flights
Curious about the world of tea? Want to expand the horizons of your tea tastebuds? Join us on Wednesday for our Tea Flights! Each week, you can taste five samples of five different teas. Click on one of the Wednesday Tea Flight events in the calendar below to find out which theme we’re doing for each week. And, we’ll give you a Passport so you can check off each Flight you’ve embarked on!

When: Wednesdays, all day, any time
Cost: $8.99

Color Yourself Calm  Bring your colored pencils, pens and coloring books for a relaxing retreat.  Enjoy a pot of tea, beer, wine or tea in-fused cocktail while meeting new friends and unwinding into the calming world of coloring.

When: Every Wednesday, 5:00pm-6:30 pm.  One drink minimum.

Stitch ‘n Bitch
Bring your needlework and come talk about your week with fellow stitchers! All needlework welcome, including crochet, knitting, and sewing. Indulge in our delicious pastries and explore our vast selection of fine-grade and premium loose-leaf teas. Or, try our tea-cocktails for 50 cents off when you bring your needlework! No need to sign up—just drop on by!

When: Every Thursday, 5:00pm-6:30pm. One drink minimum.

To sign up for a current class, call us at 720.981.2512 or email us.

All Other Events (all classes $15 per person unless noted otherwise.)
Around the World With Tea
Take an imaginary trip around the world as you taste the subtle flavor differences of teas from different regions. Learn how tea is processed to create your favorite type. As you taste your way through various tea growing regions, learn a bit about the tea customs of different countries and cultures.

Chinese New Year Tea Ceremony
Participate in a Gongfu Tea Ceremony and learn how to create and perform your own Tea Ceremony. Taste some wonderful tea as you learn about this ceremony and experience it for yourself. (For groups of 6 or fewer)

The Cultural Impact of Tea
For centuries, tea has played a major role in social customs, art, politics, and more. Taste teas from various parts of the world and learn about how tea has shaped our culture.

Green Tea Class
Fact or Fiction? What’s all the hubbub?
This class is a salute to green teas! Enter the world of green tea and explore the many uses and benefits of an age-old drink. We taste and compare teas from both major green tea producing countries, Japan and China. We will discuss the methods for brewing and serving as well as sharing ideas, information, and research for better health, rejuvenating energy, aiding digestion, and detoxifying through the use of green tea.

Health Benefits of Tea
This class is taught by a local tea expert. Recent studies have shown that drinking tea may improve your heart health, your immune system, your digestion and many other benefits. Learn what types of tea best address different issues while discovering how amazing such a healthful cup can taste!

Holiday Tea Class
Sample & savor three favorite teas and scones with clotted cream while you get tips on planning and hosting your own holiday tea party.

Legend of the Black Dragon – Oolong Tea Class
Oolong teas—the most-consumed variety of tea worldwide, the least-known tea in the United States. Oolong teas are always smooth, never tanic, and range from the dark and rich Da Hong Pao to the light and floral Ti Kuan Yin. Taste oolongs and learn about the stories—where does Monkey Picked Oolong come from?

Make Your Own Chai ($18 per person)
Chai, the Indian word for ‘tea’ in the U.S., has come to mean “the tea and spices blended together to create ecstasy!” Like fruitcake, there are a million recipes for the combination of spices in ‘chai.’ This class will guide you to explore all the possibilities of tea and spice combinations and allow you to discover the blend that takes you to nervana! Taste several different renditions of this international favorite, while you discuss its many variations! Cost $18

Mother/Daughter/Son Tea Time
This event is a time for mothers and daughters and/or sons to gather for a pre-Mother’s Day celebration! Taste four different teas, share some amazing treats, and discuss fun ways to plan and host a tea celebration of your own. We provide logistical advice, recipes, decor ideas, game suggestions, and more!

St. Patrick’s Green Tea
In this class, we will experience the luck of the Irish with an exploration of our good-luck green teas! We will taste and talk about several green teas from China and Japan and finish up with a green tea cocktail. (Never fear—those under 21 will be provided a non-alcoholic version!)

Tea 101
Here at iN-TEA, we are pleased to offer numerous opportunities to educate and learn more about tea. We’ve got the knowledge experts, the tea—the only thing missing is you! Join us on this impactful journey of learning about tea. We’ll teach the basics of green tea, yellow, white, oolong, black, and pu-erh teas.

Tea Chillers: Beyond Iced Tea ($18 per person)
Learn the simple techniques for making gallons of this cold classic from loose leaf tea. Discover new and creative concoctions by taking the basics one step further. Leave class motivated to serve healthy, fruity, refreshing coolers this summer at a fraction of the cost of soda or juice. Sample four gourmet iced tea treats, including slush teas, tea-smoothies, tea-spritzers, fruit-infused-iced teas, and a tea-infused cocktail!*
*Non-alcoholic version available.
Cost: $18 per person

Tea & Chocolate Pairing ($18 per person)   Learn to pair various chocolates with tea for maximum enjoyment.  Enjoy the flavors of specialty tea and fine chocolates.  Learn how the right tea can enhance the flavor of the chocolate and at the same time hear about the healthful qualities of both tea and chocolate. Get ideas also for pairing tea and food (much as you would pair wine with food.) Use this information to understand how tea can enhance any meal.  Cost $18

Tea-Infused Cocktails: Make Your Own Mar-tea-nis! ($20 per person)
What’s the best way to relax while getting all your antioxidants?Indulge in tea cocktails! We’ll teach you how to mix and match tea and alcohol to create the perfect cocktail Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? The possibilities are endless! You’ll sample 4 cocktails and 1 cordial. It’s a party in a cup indeed!
Cost: $20

Tea and Weight Loss
What are the facts about this phenomenon? You have been hearing about how tea can help you lose weight—ever wonder how or why? Come to this class and get the facts about tea and weight loss. We will discuss how tea not only helps you lose weight but aids in reducing your appetite and helping you stay on a diet as well. You will learn how tea can easily be incorporated into your favorite recipes for added benefits. What’s more, tea can be added to any other diet/food plan for additional benefits!

Zen and the Art of Tea
Take advantage of our traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and find zen. Sip on some of the most celebrated Chinese/Tiawanese Oolong teas while participating in Gong Fu, the Chinese Tea ceremony. Learn to create and perform your own tea ceremony. After experiencing the raw origin of tea drinking in an intimate setting, you will leave feeling relaxed and uplifted.