Tea Cocktails

Throughout the year, iN-TEA updates the unique tea-cocktail menu to match the season. The current menu is below—be sure to stop by to try a few!

Summer in Vermont
Capture the taste of a New England summer with this blend of sweet maple sugar black tea, Kahlua, Spiced Brown Sugar and just a splash of half n half. A delightful taste of an East coast “Special-tea”!

Voodoo Doll
This spellbinding blend of hibiscus and lemonade will transport you to the Caribbean. No ‘evil spirits’ in this one—just vodka!

Brother Arnold’s Par-TEA
If you like Arnold Palmers, you have to try his Brother’s ParTEA! This cocktail is our Monk’s Blend black-tea-infused Vodka, with pure Sugar Cane syrup and tart Lemonade. (The creator, dedicated customer Ken Kelley, swears this is the best “dirty-Arnie” you’ll ever have!)

Arctic Circle
Refreshingly light and beautifully balanced, Arctic Circle is a perfect blend of our Green Tea infused Vodka, Ginger Ale, and a squeeze of lime. This fun and bubbly tea is a great way to end the day!

Green Tea Julep
Inspired by the Kentucky Derby, our green-tea version is always a winner! It’s a sure bet to mix Moroccan Mint tea, bourbon, and peppermint syrup!

The Mind Bender
Lightly effervescent Argentinean white wine blended with…—what??? Matcha! Yes, matcha!! This drink is detoxifying and intoxifying all in one sip!! … It’s Mind-Bending!

Yellow Polka Dot Martini
Like sippable summer sunshine, these chewable boba polka dots settle at the bottom of a bright Lemoncello, with Mate’ Siciliana, and Lemonade! A combo that’s sure to brighten your day!

Horchata Colada
This refreshing drink is where Mexico meets the Tropics! Rum-infused Horchata blends smoothly with the sweet and nutty notes of our most popular Coconut Oolong iced tea.