Pai Mu Tan

White Peony – Mild in flavor, this delicate tea is smooth and rather sweet, with a slightly woody aroma. Suggested served hot with time to enjoy a re-infusion! A thought-worthy tea well worth lingering over and contemplating the gentleness of its complexity! (That’s a mouthful!)

Origin: China, 50 grams = $9.50

Ingredients: Organic white tea

Price: $9.50

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Panfired Green Tea

A healthy, antioxidant rich green tea that refreshes beautifully when chilled.

Origin: China, 50 grams = $6.50

Price: $6.50

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Passion Fruit Oolong—Fine Tea

A superb, lightly oxidized , tightly curled Tiawanese oolong with wonderful aroma and delicious taste of passion fruit.  Reinfuses beautifully!

Origin:  Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa)      50 gms = $8.80

Ingredients:  Oolong tea, safflower blossoms, marigold and essence of tropical passion fruit

Price: $8.95

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Peach Blossom White

Delicate white tea infused with juicy peach, tangerine, and aromatic summer peach tree blossoms. A sensual delight not to be missed!

Origin: China, 50 grams = $12.75

Ingredients: Organic white tea, natural peach flavor, organic osthmanthus flowers, natural flavors of orange and tangerine, organic jasmine flowers

Price: $12.75

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Peach Fantasy

Enjoy a sip of summer with this luxurious South african rooibos accented with tangy citrus, smooth vanilla and juicy, sweet peach!

Origin: House Blend,  50 grams = $6.50

Ingredients: Rooibos, honeybush, marigolds, cornflowers, orange peel, with orange, peach and vanilla flavor.

Price: $6.50

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Peaches ‘N Cream—Fine Tea

Mouth watering peaches and velvety vanilla deliver a smooth cup that is sweet and full bodied.  Treat your taste buds to a glimpse of summer!

Origin: House blend       50 gms = $5.65

Ingredients: green tea, peach pieces and natural peach flavors.

Price: $6.85

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Peppermint Guayusa

Traditional Guayusa with the added lift of organic peppermint!  Fresh and  revitalizing!  Put a boost into your day and freshen your breath!

Origin:  Ecuador   50 grams = $6.00

Ingredients: Guayusa and peppermint

Price: $6.00

Price: $6.25

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Pineapple Green Tea

Chinese green tea flavored with pineapple, marigold and essence of passion fruit. Makes for a sweet and deliciously fruity green tea.

Origin: House blend  50 grams = $5.50

Ingredients;  Green Tea, pineapple chunks, marigold petals, passion fruit essence oil

Price: $6.50

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Pineapple Mango

A little taste of the tropics! An exotic fruity sweetness that compliments the strength of the black tea.

50gm = 1.76 oz = approx. 16 first infusion servings
Origin: House Blend

Ingredients: Black tea, pineapple, mango, natural flavor,
sunflower, rose, and mallow blossoms.

Price: $6.50

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Pomegranate White

This antioxidant-rich combination infuses the delicate flavor of white tea with the sweet-tart punch of pomegranates.

Origin: House blend, 50 grams = $10.55

Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic hibiscus, organic rose hips, organic safflower and natural pomegranate flavor

Price: $10.55

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