Troy Larsen
Cha Bo Shi (Tea Server since July 2012)

What is your favorite (hot and iced) tea here at In-Tea?  
Hot—Ceylon–Kennilworth. Iced—Cucumber Mojito.

Which tea would you recommend to a “newbee” visiting for the first time? For a connoisseur?
Newbee—Passionfruit Oolong. Connoisseur—Sparrow’s Tongue.

When are you most likely to be found working at the shop?  
Afternoons during the week and Saturdays.

When not working, where are you most likely to be found/what are your hobbies?   
You’ll either find me at the airport flying, working on my Mustang, or learning about aviation and aerospace.

Do you own any pets? Tell us about them! 
A dog and a leopard gecko. My dog is a shelfie/corgie, and I’ve had my gecko since 4th grade.

What are your favorite genres of music…?!   
Classic rock, Bluegrass, Classical

Tell us what you’re currently studying in school! Completed school? What DID you study?  
I am currently studying at Metro State University of Denver and getting a degree in Space Operations and Space commercialization. But I do want to be a pilot in the Airforce..

Do you have any children? Tell us about them!  
No children.

Favorite vacation spot and/or memory?  
My best memory from a vacation is marching in the London New Years Parade with my high school drum line. Being watched by millions was very fun.

What is your favorite restaurant?  
SkyCity restaurant in the Seattle Space Needle.

Tell us about your favorite Wild Thymes product available here at In-Tea!   
Turkey and swiss sandwich.

What is your favorite baked good item from the Taste of Denmark or Cinnafusions available here?
Cinnamon crispies from Cinnafusions.

Do you possess any hidden talents? What are they?!
I’m really good at fixing mechanical things.

Name the last book you read or are currently reading.  

Ice cream or cookies?
Ice cream.

Favorite childhood memory…
Long camping trips with my dad and brother.

What do you do to relax?
Sit down on the couch and watch Top Gear (the British one).

Have a silly “OCD” or pet-peeve? Tell us about it!
When people drive my car.

Water sports or snow sports?
Snow sports.

If you were a tea, which one do you think you would be and why…?  
Blood Orange because its very soothing and I’ve been told that I’m easy to talk to.