Jenna Alvarez
Cha Bo Shi (tea server) & Owner’s Daughter


What is your favorite (hot and iced) tea here at In-Tea?
Iced=Wen Shan Boa Zong, Hot=Green Plum and Pear.

Which tea would you recommend to a “newbee” visiting for the first time? For a connoisseur?
Blackberry Rain for a newbee, Wen Shan Boa Zong for a connoisseur.

When are you most likely to be found working at the shop?
Sundays afternoons

When not working, where are you most likely to be found/what are your hobbies?
At the tennis courts!

Do you own any pets? Tell us about them!
ChesTURD and Jojo.

What are your favorite genres of music…?!
Classical, jazz, pop, everything!

Tell us what you’re currently studying in school! Completed school? What DID you study?
Freshman, Chatfield SH

Do you have any children? Tell us about them!

Favorite vacation spot and/or memory?
Europe! London, York, and Paris!

What is your favorite restaurant?
Fogo de Chao.

Tell us about your favorite Wild Thymes product available here at In-Tea!

What is your favorite baked good item from the Taste of Denmark or Cinnafusions available here?
Blueberry strudel.

Do you possess any hidden talents? What are they?!
TENNIS, violin, piano, cello, guitar, vocals.

Name the last book you read or are currently reading.
Re-reading Harry Potter.

Ice cream or cookies?
Ice cream.

Favorite childhood memory…
Going to Cali and visiting some family, cooking in the kitchen with Grandma, listening and dancing to Frank Sinatra.

What do you do to relax?
Listen to classical music, read, or play tennis.

Have a silly “OCD” or pet-peeve? Tell us about it!
When people steal candy or Nutella out of my locker!

Water sports or snow sports?

If you were a tea, which one do you think you would be and why…?
Blackberry Rain-I love fruit and smoothies and I love rain and I love the name and all the different layers of the tea!